Frugal Meister Nerds

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Welcome to Frugal Meister Nerds

Our objective is to provide leadership, support in the areas of adminstration, purchasing, facilities, real estate, project management that far exceed company expectations as a value added partner in the infrastructure management arena.

Frugal Meister Nerds provides professional services specializing in support of Technology Companies. The firm offers integrated services delivered by expert teams in the Bay Area to clients seeking increased value by allowing the Customer to focus on its core technology while we deliver the infrastructure support.  We have managed 17 offices worldwide and operated in more than 17 cities in 5 countries. The team as an industry leader in property and corporate facility management services has managed over 1.2 million square feet worldwide. All of this level of support has been provided in administration, facilities, project management, purchasing and real estate by providing the highest level of quality service in the most cost effective matter.

We have generated over $50 million in cost savings while still providing the highest quality of service to the organization. These savings were achieved but we did it in a way that brings the organization together while not sacrificing level of service.